Meet Kenneth

Kenneth is one blessed little boy. He has two older brothers and five older sisters who all adore him! This large family loves to spend time together, but up until recently they had difficulty going places as a family because there hasn’t been a way to take Kenneth out in the community in his power wheelchair. Kenneth got his power chair about a year ago, and  worked hard in therapy to master maneuvering it with his three-way head array. He is now able to move himself independently in his power chair, and loves to explore bushes and be outside with his siblings while they play softball.  Chari-T2000 helped his family purchase a lift and Lift Aids, Inc. of Euless installed a lift for their van. The family has been able to take Kenneth to church and shopping in his power wheelchair. For the first time in this six-year-old boy’s life, he has been given the opportunity to move independently in the community with his family by his side.

Kenneth 2011