Meet Carson

Carson has cerebral palsy and was in need of a special feeding chair. Thanks to Chari-T2000, he got it. Carson’s new Kekaroo adjustable height feeding chair has been a huge hit with Carson’s mom, his in-home caregivers, occupational therapist, and Carson himself! He is using it several times throughout the day for g-tube feedings, watching TV, and occupational therapy sessions. He likes to look at his books, leaves, and play with his toys while sitting in his new chair. Because the chair is so portable, he is able to sit on the front porch in it and watch his brother ride his bike or his mom do yard work. Carson’s mom said it has really helped to have a seat that he can sit upright in and stay safe. Thank you Chari-T2000 for purchasing this wonderful chair for Carson!
— Heather Pitner, PT

Carson Harvath 2 

Below is a letter we received from Carson’s mom: