Meet Diego

Thanks to all our wonderful employees who support Chari-T2000, we were recently able to help our 8th recipient, Diego. This young patient needed a tumble form biform wedge and Chari-T2000 was able to provide it. Both Diego and his brother, Adrian, are benefiting from this multi-tasking piece of equipment. It allows them to work on neck strengthening and head control in prone. It’s also useful to work on reaching in supine. Since it has two sides with two different heights, it allows for different angles or inclines.  Karen Neel, their therapist, has also used it to work on head control in sitting. The brothers can do long sitting with their legs under the tall side of the wedge and forearms propped on top. This piece will also help their caregivers, since both children are dependent.  They now will have some different options for positioning. There is no doubt that the tumble form biform wedge will facilitate the brothers’ progress. Thank you Chari-T2000 contributors for helping another family!