Meet David

David is seventeen years old and loving life. He was diagnosed with cerebral palsy as a toddler. He embraces his disability and begins each day with a positive outlook. Beginning speech therapy was David’s decision. He made the request to receive speech therapy because he simply wanted to be understood. David was tired of people always asking, “What did you say?” Instead of complaining about it, he wanted to learn how he could fix it. David also wanted to receive speech therapy because he wants to major in Clinical Psychology and minor in Communications. David dreams about being a public speaker to raise awareness for cerebral palsy one day. He wants to help others embrace their disabilities like he does daily. David shared, “In today’s society, everyone is so focused on being so similar, that to be different is seen as abnormal.” He is working to change that. One of David’s greatest strengths is connecting with people. David loves making people laugh with his jokes. One of his interests is anime because, “It’s very motivating for me to see characters that don’t get recognized like Spiderman or Superman but they have a purpose — to fight.” David is seeing improvements in his speech daily. David is a hard worker, and very determined. He is learning to recognize when he sounds nasal in conversation, when his tongue is protruding and how to correct himself. He also is working on controlling his volume and diaphragmatic and controlled breathing. He is an amazing kid, and his future looks bright because he alwaysshoots for the starts and nothing else.